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No one remembers exactly when it happened. One day the world simply said enough, and a light gray mist began to creep up from the soil, all around the planet. There didn’t seem to be any single origin point. It spread across every continent and it touched every country. Islands were not immune. The gasses seemed to spew forth from the very Earth itself.

At first it didn’t seem like a big deal. The gas didn’t seem to be an irritant or a health hazard. It was looked at as more of a novel weather phenomenon than anything to be worried about. But after a few weeks, things…changed. People began to develop odd ticks and other nervous conditions. Only the most proactive governments took action early and began employing equipment to filter the air. The United States wasn’t one of them. As the individual States moved forward independently, there was no real national plan of action. While people bickered and fought among themselves regarding the mist, the health effects, and what should be done about them, the madness slowly took hold.

After a month people began to literally lose their minds, en masse. People in varying stages of psychosis wandered the streets and neighborhoods causing widespread chaos. Those not yet affected took advantage of the mayhem to create even more carnage – robbing, looting, and burning with impunity. Violence erupted in many areas, and everything soon spiraled into a perfect storm of destruction. The strain on medical and emergency services was unprecedented. Many locations were simply overrun by panicked mobs seeking any kind of treatment for the impending madness. After two months of sustained contact with the gas, all but the strongest of wills were completely dissolved. Eaten away by the mist, until nothing was left but a hulking, bloodthirsty shell of what once was. At first they were sated with the flesh of their own bodies. Picking apart their skin until festering green and brown sores covered them from head to toe. But when that was no longer good enough, they turned their ravenous eyes towards Humanity. Packs of Scabs formed – hunting parties roaming the suburbs for prey. The Scabs had arrived, and the war had begun.

For generations the cities burned. Strongholds and clusters of Human resistance were slowly wiped away as the Earth reclaimed what was hers. It took a century for most of the major cities to be re-consolidated and their domes to be built. It only took a decade or so for those to start burning, too.

Even when the threats from without began to be driven back, the threats from within grew ever stronger. Sabotage and unrest were bigger problems than the Scabs could ever be. The coasts and nearly every dome built along them were decimated. Atlanta was the only major coastal dome to survive. Beyond that, St. Louis and New Orleans both stand as beacons of hope further inland, strategically placed along the Mississippi for ease of transport and communication between the two.  Outlier colonies and territories may exist and offer respite to the traveling adventurer but no other major settlement has been able to survive amidst the ruins of the previous civilization.

Residents of the Domes and the communities that surround them are essentially prisoners. While there may not be bars, leaving isn’t really an option. The other residents are often violent, disturbed individuals with little regard for the well-being or lives of others. The food sucks. The prison of security is no less binding than the chains of fear. Only the bravest and most capable inhabitants would even dare leave the relative safety of a community. Those that venture forth into the world in search of treasure and glory are truly a breed unto themselves.

Every day life is a mix of surviving in a hi-tech surveillance state and a post-apocalyptic hunter-gatherer anarchy. The weak don’t last long, and the strong don’t either, for that matter. MMA fighters beat each other to death in human cock fights, hackers embed shoddy electronics into the brains of drug-addled gangsters, and police forces brutalize the populace into submission, lest they overrun the Domes and immolate them from within. Even with ravenous hordes of undead and toxic gasses threatening every aspect of life, Hell is still other people.

  • Navigate a treacherous world filled with dangers ranging from ravenous scabs to eldritch spirits summoned forth from the nether.
  • Learn the balancing act of life outside of the Domes, how to gain access, and what it means to be left out in the mist without protection.
  • Immerse yourself in a complex and detailed societal structure.
  • Discover secrets hidden in dank dungeons as well as swanky dinner parties.
  • Uncover the mysterious societies that pull the strings of local governments and rulers..
  • Battle the thieves, criminals, and mercenaries that make up the gangs that inhabit the outskirts of every major city.
  • Complete quests, forge relationships, gain respect and favor, and eventually earn your place within the domes.
  • Wear a mask. Or die.
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