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I want to eat your face.

-Becky, Reanimation Enthusiast


Classes in WoE are original takes on the traditional party-based RPG roles. Players will immerse themselves in new classes that are unique to the world that is WoE, while still encountering their favorite familiar archetypes.

MMA’s lockstep evolution with the rest of the world has not been a pretty one. For a sport that had once been compared to Human cock fighting, the state of the sport in WoE is certainly closer to that than at any other point in history. Venues are cheap, run down, and often operated by criminal enterprises or drug cartels. Fights are generally to the death, with losers making it out of the ring in only the rarest of occassions. Chemical enhancements, bio-mechanical augments, and neural implants are all common and openly accepted. Cage fighters take their lives into their own hands every time they step into the ring. For that reason, they are often incredibly famous celebrities for as long as they are able to stay alive.

In a world where travel, lodging, and communication is almost non-existent, it takes a very unique type of person to become a successful Contract Killer. Born from the hellfire that became the US-Mexico border during the Fall, these remorseless professionals earn a killing committing murder. As law and order began to crumble and certain people found opportunity to do away with their rivals, a very lucrative profession sprang to life. Now, after years of assassination and brutal execution, Contract Killers hold a mythical status in most territories. Being openly known as one can open certain doors, but at the cost of many gained enemies.

When you need to lift a keycard from a guard’s pocket, sneak your way past security, or talk your way into or out of trouble – you look to the Grifter. With skills derived from the streets of Las Vegas, most Grifters are adepts at all forms of cons, schemes, scams, and frauds. Unfortunately, most Grifters are as debauched as they are capable, picking up habits and addictions that often leave them, and the people they most closely associate with, subject to "incidents."

Without Hackers, most of the gadgetry and gear that makes life possible would cease to function. Electrical systems, whatever limited communication equipment that may still exist, even vehicles – all are the providence of the Hacker in this new world. Bio-mechanical augments and neural implants must be installed and maintained by a Hacker as well.

Social engineering takes on a whole new meaning when you’re replacing people’s eyeballs.

At one point in history, the sportsmen, fishermen, and hunters of the Midwest were looked down upon. They were seen as brutish savages of a bygone era, getting satisfaction from the death of other living things. But when the walls of society began to crumble, and the food infrastructure went with them, it was the Outdoorsmen that kept people warm and fed. It was the Outdoorsmen that forged the first new roads, away from the highways and interstates that became strongholds for Scabs and scoundrels alike. Now, after generations of mastering their craft in a hostile new environment, they are valued members of any community that can produce food, medicine, and other invaluable resources from the land itself.

Commonly regarded as the most dangerous persons to inhabit any particular territory, Possessed are often pushed out of communities and cities due to their inherent instability. Cities and domes have been burned to the group due to the madness found within the empty vessel that is a Possessed. Capable of commune with Demons or Spirits, or even manifestation of pure Emotion, Possessed can give themselves over to something else. Fully. They become completely overtaken by it, without concern for themselves, safety, or propriety. This manifests in inappropriate behavior, violence, and otherwise completely unpredictable chaos. Possessed can usually drop into possession at will or on purpose, but the same cannot be said about coming back out. They remain possessed until that which possesses them is finished. Which can be…interesting.

Able to blend into the crowd in any territory or city, Street Performers can survive anywhere. They earn cash, learn the lay of the land, and become a readily accepted fixtures no matter where they may find themselves, a feat that many other professions wish they could boast. Often considered simple musicians, story tellers, and beggars, Street Performers give their foes quite a shock when they shove a sharpened flute through their trachea. Just as they may lose themselves to music or a piece of artistry, so too can Street Performers lose themselves in battle – becoming terrible sirens of death, capable of raining blood and gore down around their friends and enemies alike.

In the beginning, no one knew what threats would emerge from the darkness. Monsters and mutants with powers never seen before made themselves known through gruesome body counts, and massacres of flesh, and bone. The brave souls that took up arms and put themselves between that unknown darkness and the last remnants of Humanity became the Street Soldiers. Old relationships and rivalries fell away as cops and soldiers, fugitives and gangsters, even religious zealots put aside their differences and came together as a single fighting force against the wave of death and destruction bearing down upon the world. And in those darkest first days, their ranks paid a price that is still felt to this day.


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